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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pallet Wood Bench.

Here is one of my other scrap wood benches. This one composed of every recycler's old favorite, a pallet. Technically only the seat is a shipping pallet. I had been saving it for some time for just this purpose. It was an uncommon shape, four feet long and narrow. So add in some old lumber, and some scrap plywood, and our balcony, which I had just finished redecking, got a nice bench. Here is a better close up of it that shows some construction details.
I am particularly fond of some of those junky old 2X4 pieces. I pulled those out of a burned home over a decade ago. They have bounced around between homes and woodpiles that whole time and were used in another project as well. Now there they are, pieced together, and this time permanently. They await a good sanding and paint job, and could feasibly last another decade or more as a bench. That is sustainability in action.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely - I can feel the richness of the wood from here. And it's as if the pallets are having a rest now too!