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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A bench of sacred geomtry.

Lot of interesting and intrigue people at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Artists with passionate backgrounds and wildly diverse skills. Suffice it to say that sometimes the person selling you a piece of pottery or jewelry, may also be a world class painter or musician, as well.

My friend John at Sozra Jewelry is a bit like that. Recently he was approved to bring his Sacred Geometry paintings into his gallery at the festival. Now I won't use this blog to go on about Vesica Piscis, or Fibonacci Spirals, or any of the various other permutations of Sacred Geometry. The links to Wikipedia entries are are great starting points on the subject. However, these sort of elegant forms is one of my interests and I love John's paintings. Here is one of my favorites because it incorporates the hexagonal forms that bubbles make in foam.

Out front of their lovely booth sat this bench. Really it is a simple wagon wheel bench. However the continuity between the eight spoked sides and the sacred geometry paints was great. I pointed it out to John and noted also that an it is the  Dharma Wheel Symbol of Buddhism and has a deeply personal resonance with me. So there it is, resting gracefully, awaiting some to come and rest, and contemplate the forms of the very universe itself.